Yoga Teacher Training Courses:
We offer a wide range of 200 hours and 300 hours programs in different parts of the world (Europe and India). In the past we worked with various schools, as well as leading a whole training on our own. We also offer private programs focusing on Pranayama, Advance Asana, Sound healing, Kundalini Tantra, and Yoga Philosophy.

Yoga Retreats:
In these Retreats we will experience Yogic life style for a few days. Being in a place with less external distractions and moving away from ones daily routine, allows oneself to recharge and at the same time to go deep within. The location provides fresh air, which is the main source of energy for healing and rejuvenation. It includes daily practice of postures, breathing, chanting and meditation, as well as studying about practical yoga philosophy, which helps us to keep a positive mind in all situations. The meals provided are normally vegan, another aspect of Yogic life style, which has to do, not just with our health, but also about cultivating compassion to our small brothers and sisters.

Weekend Immersion for Yoga Teachers:
These weekends are designed as additional teacher training courses, which can help young teachers to find confidence in their own teachings, giving practical tools for teaching as well as opportunity to deepen ones own practice in different paths of Yoga. It can also fit to students who wish to prepare for a teacher-training course, and to be exposed to a more profound yogic life style. We will cover advanced Yoga Asanas, Pranayama, Psychic practices, Sound healing and Kirtan, Yoga philosophy, hands on adjustments, Yoga Nidra and more.

Dharma Yoga Master Class:
Dharma yoga is a heart opening and mind expanding yoga practice, based on the teachings of the legendary teacher Sri Dharma Mittra. This practice is designed for those wishing to advance through progressively challenging asana practices. This practice is a mix of different Hatha and Vinyasa yoga styles, which design to stimulate all the energy centers of the body, unleashing the dormant forces within you.

Kundalini Tantra Workshop:
Yoga’s different paths and practices are built to improve the functions, health and abilities of the body and the mind. But the highest object of Yoga is connected to something beyond the mind and the body, the inmost contact to our deeper selves. Kundalini Yoga achieves this connection.

Kundalini Yoga is part of the Tantric tradition. Tantra and Kundalini are dealing with transformation of matter and energy, using the Chakra systems (energy centers) to transcend our consciousness, by activating the dormant potential of our body called Kundalini. The seat of Kundalini is in a small gland on the base of the spinal cord. Yogis have found systematic ways to awaken this potential power and let it flow freely up along the spine.

We will start the workshop with a short Asana practice. Than will come a review about the origins of Tantra and Kundalini philosophy. We will continue with a set of exercises following the energy centers (Chakras) along the spine. We will learn how to release blockages of these centers using breathing exercises, gestures, locks, visualization, meditation and sounds (Mantras). This practice might unleash the hidden power of Kundalini. We will end with a profound relaxation in order to integrate back the body, mind and spirit connection.

Yoga of Sounds workshop (Sound healing):
Discover your own voice through Yoga’s secret practices. We will start with a short Asana practice as a warm-up, and from there we will move to traditional Hatha Yoga and Laya Yoga techniques using the voice as a tool to open energy blockages, as well as access deeper states of mind. These practices can help to unleash and discover our own special voice. We will finish with some devotional chanting to connect with the Divine forces of the universe.

The Art of the Breath workshop (Pranayam):
Reactivate your vital energy forces though your breath. The breath is the most vital process of the body. It intimately linked to our thoughts, feelings, and every little cell of the body. In this workshop we will learn on the 5 different Pranas, their function and breathing exercises that can activate each one of them. We will explore how different kind of breathing options affect the mind, and how to balance our mind with the right type of breathing for us. We will explore our personal tendencies of breath and learn to extend our breath capacity using different yogic techniques. The Bandhas (locks) and the 4 aspects of the breath will review theoretically and practically. The workshop will start with a moderate Asana practice (Dharma yoga) as preparation to the breathing exercises.

Detox Workshops:
The workshop will be focusing on breathing exercises, postures, meditation and foods, which promote the natural detoxing of the body and mind. The postures are design to stimulate inner organs such as stomach and liver in order to increase their cleansing activity. The breathing exercises will promote relaxation and purification of the subtle body. We will end the workshop with a special meditation technique, which helps to purify the mental body, following with a sip of green juice.